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Monitor your wind turbines and farms to increase their efficiency and lifespan

Our interrogator enables you to constantly measure all critical points at a low cost.

Gain a competitive edge

In the fast-growing wind energy market, remaining competitive is key. Strengthen your position by extending the lifespan of existing turbines and by increasing the efficiency of new on and offshore installations.

Avoid downtime and costly repairs

Monitor all critical parts of your wind turbine with fiber optic sensors

Get alerted to defects, imbalances and extreme loads, and avoid unexpected failures that lead to downtime and costly repairs.

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Blade monitoring

Ice, overload and damage detection

Drivetrain condition monitoring

Monitor speed, temperature, loads and torques on generators, gearboxes and main bearings

Structural integrity

Monitor the structural health of the towers, jackets and monopiles, and counterbalance tilt in the floaters and mooring lines

Perfect for harsh environments

The advantages of fiber optic sensors

Fiber optic sensors are durable and perfectly suited for wind turbine monitoring, both as a retrofit solution and for new installations. Unlike their electrical equivalents, they are uniquely resistant to even the harshest environments.

How it works

The principles of our technology


Determine what to measure

From the blades to the drivetrain: define the most critical parts of your asset and the parameters that require monitoring.

Sense with fiber optics

Start monitoring those parts with robust and easy-to-install sensors. You can even combine multiple sensor types along the same channel.

Process data with our interrogator

Our patented interrogator can safely operate from the hub or the nacelle, where it correlates sensor data to strain, tilt or other parameters. This affordable and compact solution is able to simultaneously monitor the blades and the drivetrain, and to process high volumes of data at the speed of light.

Monitor data the way you want

Send the data directly to your wind turbine control system or to your monitoring room.
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Sentea makes your wind turbines more efficient and durable

Our interrogators allow for a wide adoption of fiber optic sensing.

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Want to increase your wind turbine competitiveness?

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