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Our interrogators make structural health and condition monitoring easy to implement

Get higher accuracy, speed and reliability for less cost.

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The unique advantages of our interrogators

Product specifications

Sentea interrogator

Functional characteristics

Number of fibers
1 fiber
4 fibers
8 fibers
Max. number of sensors per fiber (1)
Max. sampling frequency (2)
200 Hz
24 kHz
Wavelength range
1530 - 1570 nm
1525 - 1575 nm
Wavelength sensitivity (3)
< 0.5 pm
Wavelength accuracy (4)
< 10 pm
Sensors FWHM
From 100 pm to 1 nm
Light source
Optical connection
Data interface
Ethernet (TCP/UDP/MQTT) – Modbus TCP
Time synchronization
Software interface
PeakViewer™ visualization app – API for Python

Physical characteristics

165 x 135 x 65 mm
1.2 kg
Operating conditions (non-condensing)
0 to +40 °C
-20 to +60 °C
0 to +40 °C
Power supply
12 to 24 V DC external
Power consumption (at room temperature)
Typically 7W


List price (5)

Starting at 3,450 EUR

Price for 10 or more units
On request

(1) Minimum peak spacing of 3nm required in operation | (2) Valid for 1 fiber connected. For n fibers connected, this value has to be divided by 2n | (3) Defined as standard deviation over 10 minutes | (4) Over full temperature range | (5) Sentea general sales conditions apply.

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High-speed acquisition

Temperature stability

Polarization sensitivity

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Part of a smart ecosystem

Our interrogators act as the go-between for sensors that detect changing physical conditions and control systems/monitoring platforms.


They are interoperable with all types of fiber optic sensors and have an open architecture for easy integration with your control systems, monitoring platforms or cloud storage systems.


Want our interrogators to work for you?

Our engineers can provide a custom-made solution.

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