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Monitor your industrial assets to get more out of them

Fiber optic sensors can safely be used even in high-temperature and high-voltage environments.

Optimize your performance

From engines to steel furnaces or circuit breakers: continuously monitoring your industrial assets is crucial to create a lasting competitive advantage. We help you optimize the performance of your equipment and extend its lifespan.

Continuous monitoring

Avoid downtime and increase process efficiency

Rely on condition monitoring and load sensing to prevent overstress of your rotating equipment. Predicting failure and remaining lifetime is key to avoid breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your assets.

In addition, temperature, current and vibration monitoring in chemical, glass manufacturing, electricity distribution and other processes inevitably leads to optimized control and efficiency.

Lifetime extention

Monitor torque and other forces on rotating equipment to extend their lifetime

Defect detection

Detect early sign of defects using vibration analyses

Temperature monitoring

Monitor temperature to prevent overheating of rotating and other equipment

Process control

Temperature measurement for process control up to 1000°C

Safe and reliable

Even in harsh industrial environments

Fiber optic sensors are uniquely resistant to extreme conditions.

Even in the most demanding conditions and industries

Always accurate and durable industrial asset monitoring

Condition monitoring and load sensing in rotating equipment

  • bearings
  • engines and motors
  • heavy machinery
  • mining equipment
  • power generators, turbines and compressors

High-temperature sensing (up to 1,000 °C)

  • steel or glass furnaces
  • steel rolling
  • exhaust gas monitoring
  • chemical and refining processes

High-voltage component monitoring

  • electrical current in high voltage lines
  • vibration anomalies in circuit breakers
  • noise and overheating in transformers

For every application and environment

Fiber optic solutions for retrofit and new installations

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Start monitoring your industrial assets today thanks to Sentea

Our interrogator is compatible with almost all of the fiber optic sensors on the market, but that is not the only advantage of our solution.

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