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Wind Turbine Monitoring

Monitor your wind turbines and farms to increase their efficiency and lifespan


Structural Health Monitoring

Reduce maintenance costs and safety risks with reliable infrastructure monitoring


Industrial asset monitoring

Monitor your industrial assets to get more out of them

FBG sensors measure a variety of parameters

Continuous monitoring to detect any change

Monitor a wide variety of parameters at multiple locations to safeguard your infrastructure against catastrophic failure and your industrial assets against unscheduled downtime.

A fiber can contain multiple sensing points called Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). Packaged FBG sensors can be daisy chained to simplify cabling.
An FBG fiber can directly measure temperature. 1°C will change the light reflected by the FBG by 10pm.
A packaged FBG fiber can translate strain into vibration and acceleration.
A packaged FBG fiber can very accurately measure tilt and displacement.
A packaged FBG fiber can measure current.
An FBG fiber can directly measure strain. 1 microstrain will change the light reflected by the FBG with 1pm.
Applying a special coating on the FBG fiber, it can measure H2 and humidity.
An FBG fiber attached to the circumference of a bearing or gearbox can measure load distribution and torque.
A packaged FBG fiber can measure pressure.
An interrogator sends light into the FBG fiber and correlates the light reflected by each of the FBG’s with temperature, strain or other properties at the respective locations.

Not just any sensor

FBG sensors outperform electrical sensors in harsh environments

Fiber optic FBG sensors are ideally suited for demanding industries. After all, they outperform electric sensors in environments with lightning strikes, extreme temperatures, … or a combination thereof.

Not just an instrument

Part of a smart ecosystem

Thanks to our interrogator, fiber optic sensors can talk seamlessly to the application software that translates your sensor data.

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