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Discover fiber optic sensing

Learn more about fiber optic sensing, from multi-point and multi-parameter fiber sensors, over intelligent sensor data interpretation, to interfacing with control systems and monitoring rooms.

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Reliable sensors for every application

Our interrogators are interoperable with a wide range of fiber optic FBG sensors, capable of measuring strain as small as 1µƐ up to more than 5000µƐ, temperatures up to 1000°C, near DC and high frequency vibrations as well as current, tilt and displacement. We also work with strategic partners to offer complete solutions for structural health monitoring, condition monitoring and process control.

Continuous sensing along large structures with a single fiber

Our interrogators are available with 1, 4 or 8 channels. Each channel can be used to monitor an optic fiber or several serially connected sensors. Optic fibers can be deployed over several kilometers, enabling you to reliably monitor the health and condition of your remote assets.
FBG fiber sensors for structural health monitoring

High speed and high volume data acquisition

Our interrogators send light into the fiber, read out the reflected light, and correlate it to strain, temperature, and other parameters.


They owe their exceptional compactness to silicon photonics, a technology that allows us to integrate all optical functions onto a single chip.


Silicon photonics has been used in telecom and datacom applications for more than a decade now and is gradually replacing older bulk optics in all photonics applications thanks to its scalability and low cost, using the same fabrication processes as electronic chips.

The right data, wherever you want it

The interrogator can send data to your control system or monitoring room via a variety of hardware interfaces and communication protocols for seamless integration with your structural integrity and predictive maintenance monitoring application.


Moreover, thanks to edge computing, our interrogators can already independently pre-process part of the massive amount of data that is gathered.

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