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Reliable asset monitoring using fiber optic sensors

We make fiber optic sensing affordable for your industry and enable continuous monitoring in even the harshest environments.

For a variety of parameters

Continuous monitoring to detect any change

Monitor a wide variety of parameters at multiple locations to safeguard your infrastructure against catastrophic failure and your industrial assets against unscheduled downtime.

FBG fiber sensors for structural health monitoring

Wide applicability

A monitoring solution for your industry

The technology we use has already proven its value to the aeronautical, space, maritime, mining and medical industry. Moreover, Sentea has been a trustworthy partner for businesses relying on:

Wind turbine monitoring

Increase wind turbine lifespan and efficiency with, among other things, ice detection and drivetrain monitoring.
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Structural health monitoring

Detect damage early on and prevent catastrophic failure on industrial installation and civil infrastructures.
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Industrial asset monitoring

Protect your assets with high temperature sensing, high voltage component monitoring and many other solutions.
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Not just any sensor

Fiber optic sensors outperform electrical sensors in harsh environments

Fiber optic sensors are ideally suited for demanding industries. After all, they outperform electric sensors in environments with lightning strikes, extreme temperatures, … or a combination thereof.

Not just an instrument

Part of a smart ecosystem

Thanks to our interrogator, fiber optic sensors can talk seamlessly to the application software that translates your sensor data.

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